10/10 2018
England to Sri Lanka Oct/Nov 2018

England travel to Sri Lanka to play 3 Tests, 5 ODI's and 1 T20

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1/2 2019
England to West Indies Feb/Mar 2019

England head to the West Indies in March 2019 to play 3 Tests, 5 ODI's and 1 T20.

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1/11 2019
England to New Zealand Nov/Dec 2019

England head to New Zealand in November 2019 to play 2 test matches.

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1/12 2019
England to South Africa Dec 2019/Feb 2020

England head to South Africa in December 2019 to play 4 Test matches, 5 ODI's and 1 T20.

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1/10 2020
ICC World Twenty20 Australia Oct/Nov 2020

The ICC World T20 in 2020, will be hosted by Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth...

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25/11 2021
Ashes Series 2021/22

England head to Australia in November 2021 to play 5 Test Matches, 5 ODI’s and 3 T20’s in the...

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